Remember the joy of getting what you wanted

In his book ‘Goodbye, things’, the author Fumio Sasaki shares his feelings on why we continuously want new things. It’s simply a case of becoming dissatisfied with and used to what we have, despite, in many cases, the things we have now once being the objects of our desires. Essentially we become used to and take for granted the things we own; our jobs, our house, our car, or any other possession.

To overcome this we need to remind ourselves of the joy and satisfaction that we had when we first acquired what we possess, such as remembering the phone call that let you know that you had won the new job, or the feeling you had when you first drove your new car. This looking back appreciation can remind us that we already have many fabulous things and we don’t need to have the upgrade or current object of desire. #mentalhealth #mindfulness #happiness #living #motivation


Marginal Gains

I may have shared this before, but will do so again, as some messages have so much potential benefit they are worth reading again.

Chris Froome is a four time Tour de France champion. One of the reasons is that his Team Sky team is so successful is because of their attention to the seemingly minor details, with all of the marginal gains attained through the many smaller factors addressed adding up to a considerable amount when they are all taken at as a whole.

An example of a marginal gain is the beds that the riders sleep on during the tour. Whereas other teams will take and accept what’s offered in the accommodation they use, Team Sky will send ahead people to ensure that the beds are as comfortable as possible for every rider. This means that each day of the tour is approached after riders having had a good night’s sleep.

The same approach could be used in our own lives. For example, reading one positive article for five minutes a day could give you a feeling of gratitude and wellbeing, while only having to expend a very small amount of time and focus to do the reading. #mentalhealth #mindfulness #happiness #success #inspiration

Make the most of what you have

The Champions League is one of the biggest prizes in sport, comprising the biggest and most successful football teams in Europe. Typically these teams spend huge amounts of money every year to buy new players to strengthen their squads to give themselves a greater chance of success. Invariably, the wealthiest teams win the title.

However, this year things are a little different, at least in part. Two of the semi finalists have spent a fraction of what the other two teams have on their squads, and one of these ‘spendthrift’ teams will make the final. In fact, one of the teams, Spurs from the English Premier League, barely entered the transfer market at all.

To me this shows the value of making the most of what you have, working with the resources available, this being players, and making them better, as opposed to going out and getting new players to fill in the gaps in the team. I believe that this approach will build a better culture, as a sense of trust will develop, with players feeling the owners having the belief in them to perform – almost, though at a stretch, a minimalist approach to football management. #business #football #management #success #motivation #trust

Celebrating the success of others

The Daily Calm meditation today shared the concept of Mudita, the Sanskrit practice of celebrating the success, happiness and achievement of others.

Regardless of who the person is, there is often a feeling of jealousy when others achieve a level of success when we are not. We may get the feeling that if another person is experiencing success it is less likely that we will be able to do so because there is only so much of it to go around.

Mudita sees the success of others in a more positive light; their achievements lead to unadulterated joy in ourselves as we delight in their wellbeing.

Success and happiness are not finite, rather, as each person has a positive experience others can build on it, creating their own sense of fulfilment and achievement. #success #happiness #relationships

The one rule to follow to be successful

Eliud Kipchoge is the greatest marathon runner of all time. He has won almost every event he has entered and is picked by many to be the first to break the extremely elusive two hour marathon time.

In a mini documentary on You Tube Kipchoge shares a quote by the author Paulo Coelho, this being:

‘If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule ~ never lie to yourself.’

What great advice that is so very true! We can tell others anything we like about why something hasn’t been done or achieved, coming up with all sorts of excuses. However, ultimately we know when what we’re saying simply isn’t true and we haven’t done all we could to be the people we want to be in any area of our lives. #success #motivation #mindset #best

How Tiger Woods came back to win The Masters

Tiger Woods has just been recognised by Time Magazine as one on the 100 most influential people in the world. A key reason for his selection being the fact that he has just won The Masters, perhaps the most prestigious of all golf tournaments. Even more impressive is that he won the tournament at the age of 43 after a long period of poor form and personal issues.

In writing about Tiger’s comeback in the Time article, musician Justin Timberlake described how it happened. Timberlake shared how Tiger has put in a huge amount of work in the gym and on the golf course to get his form to the level in which he could compete again. It hasn’t been a case of things just falling in place again, rather, it’s an example of working really hard to get to a level in which he has been able to perform at the very highest level. #training #inspiration #success

Support and enjoy local businesses

I was fortunate to win a competition in which I entered a draw at a running event, with the prize being a $100 gift voucher. I went to Wellington for the day to spend the voucher at the shop that offered the prize. I love Wellington, it’s just about my favourite city in the world, but here are a few observations in favour of supporting local establishments:

Parking in Masterton (my town), is so much easier and cheaper;

Masterton has fantastic cafes;

Masterton has two fantastic bookshops (my favourite type of shop);

The time, cost and effort of shopping in Masterton makes it a lot more appealing;

Had it not been for the voucher, Masterton has a much superior store (Kathmandu) for the type of item I ended up purchasing;

Shopping in Masterton supports people we know personally.

I will go to Wellington and other places countless times in the future and will always enjoy the experiences. However, there are many great things about the places we live that are easy to overlook and take for granted. #shopping #retail #support

More moments to celebrate and acknowledge

There are moments that are celebrated and acknowledged in our lives that are traditional, often tied up with big celebrations and events. These include the likes of 21st birthdays, first days of school, and milestone wedding anniversaries. All of these occasions are worthy of the recognition they receive. However, according to authors Chip and Dan Heath in their book The Power of Moments, there are many opportunities that we fail to celebrate and acknowledge. Examples of these moments include; as employers, first days for staff in a new job; or as educators, milestones such as the 100th day in a school.

In the example of first days in a new job it is easy for this to be as hoc and rushed, giving the employee the feeling that they are not as valued as they could be. This is something that’s easy to do in the busyness of any organisation and something I have certainly been guilty of as a manager, as well as it having happened to me as an employee.

However, think about the sense of worth and loyal a new employee would have if their arrival was celebrated. It will require a planned approach and dedicated time, with the payoff potentially being significant in terms of what the new employee will contribute. #business #training

An inspirational lock screen

We almost all have a smart phone that we look at countless times everyday, be it to check messages, social media, news sites,take photos, and numerous other reasons. To make every time you pick up your phone just that little bit more valuable something I have done has been to make my favourite quote my home screen and lock screen picture; every time time use my phone I am reminded of the value of every moment because I am reading Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s quote ‘Nothing is worth more than this day’.

Your home and lock screen can be anything; a picture of someone you love, a place that you have fond memories of, or, as in my case, an inspirational quote that reminds you of the value of every moment. #mentalhealth #mindfulness #living #happiness #inspiration